Need To Know

Information for players and parents

What new players and parents need to know after registering for the tournament. 

Have  an current mobile phone number in your USTA profile.  It maybe  necessary for the tournament desk to contact you during the tournament  to inform you of changes with your players match time.
To arrive at  the tournament desk, at least 15 minutes prior to your match time.  This  will give your player time to complete the required forms, go to the  restroom and be ready to go on the court at the time they check in.

Visit the tournament website throughout the tournament and before leaving home for any updates, especially if rain is expected.

When will the match times be posted for the tournament?

In  the notes on the tournament page.  The tournament director may have  included when the draw / match schedule will be completed for this  tournament.  However, USTA Georgia requires the draw to be posted 24  hours before the start of the tournament. 
For example, this means a  player can learn their match time for a tournament that start on Saturday  at 8:00 a.m. the day before the start of the tournament.  

How do I find the match times for the tournament?

You can find the match times for your player by returning to the tournament website and clicking the draw tab.
Once you have click the draw tab, select your players age group.
There will be two brackets, main and consolation, click the main bracket.
Look for your players name in the 1st round, note your player line number.
In the middle of that bracket, there will be three letter abbreviation which will refer to the tennis center.
The date, the day this particular match is scheduled to be played.
The time, the time the match will begin.

How to read the draw?

When  reading the draw it is helpful to know your player's line number.  You  will use the line number if your player goes to the consolation draw. 
If your player is in the main draw, you will follow the brackets to the right, at most tournaments.
If  your player moves to the consolation draw, you will look for your  players line number in the same round they were in the main draw.  For  example, if the did not win the match in the quarterfinals.  You would  go to the quarterfinals round in the consolation draw and find the  bracket that includes their line number.  If the bracket has a bye, than  you would move to the right of the draw to the next bracket.  The  information in that bracket will provide you with the location, date and  time of the players next match.

Can I withdraw my player after I complete the registration process?

Yes,  you do have the option of withdrawing your player after you complete  the registration process and receive confirmation number for the  tournament, if the online registration has not closed.

To withdraw your player,

1.  return to the tournament website where you register
2.  have the confirmation number of your registration
3.  find the withdraw option midway down the tournament page on the right hand side
4.  click the word withdraw
5.  follow the steps indicated